The Dovecote

In the 1740s Sanderson Miller was involved in designing the Wroxton gardens. A leading exponent of the Gothic revival in architecture in the 18th century, he was an advisor on landscape gardening to many estate owners in the Midlands. Miller designed the Dovecote, built in 1745 in the form of a Gothic tower with loop windows, battlements and a splendid banner type weather vane. From the summit of the Dovecote field to the east looms the impressive Obelisk commemorating visits by HRH Fredreick, Prince of Wales, and HRH King George IV.

Although the Dovecote was built as an ”eyecatcher,” a popular trend at the time, nesting boxes housed 500 plump little doves which provided fresh meat for the early residents of the Abbey. In 1979 the nesting boxes were sponsored for £5 each to raise funds for restoration work. The weathervane, thought lost, was found in a hedge bottom and carefully restored. This bronze weathervane, with its banner radiant in the sunlight, measures 9 feet across.