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  • Class of Spring, 1968: Newsletter and Yearbook

    Newsletter:   Yearbook:

  • Class of Spring, ’68: Music Video

    By popular demand (for both of you who asked) here is the music video that was created for the 20th reunion of the Wroxton College Class of Spring, 1968. The photos were taken during our semester overseas by various members of the class. The video was made in the pre-digital days, so the photos were […]

  • “Changes” – Wroxton College Class of Spring, 1968 Reunion Video

    Members of the Wroxton College Class of Spring, 1968 were interviewed at their 20th reunion at Wroxton in July, 1988. This video was produced for the group’s 40th reunion in July, 2008.

  • Proud member of Wroxton family

    I was introduced to Wroxton Abbey when my wife interviewed Nicholas Baldwin in July 1988. She was exploring the implications of the English tutorial method for returning adult education in the United States and interviewing selected tutors known for their skill with this particularly British form of pedagogy. Nicholas was highly recommended and the interview […]

  • Reflections on Wroxton College over 25 years

    How does one even begin to attempt to sum up a place like Wroxton? It is a difficult task, particularly when it has played such an important part in ones life – and done so for a substantial part of ones life. There is always so much one could write – so self discipline will […]

  • Some 18th Century Gossip from Wroxton Abbey

    Here’s a Wroxton Abbey trivia question for you: “When did the Prince of Wales, linked romantically to Lady Diana Spencer, visit Wroxton Abbey?” If you’re thinking of that Prince of Wales, and that Lady Di, you’d be off by nearly 250 years. In 1739 Frederick Prince of Wales was the guest of Francis Lord North […]

  • The Wroxton Chronicles

    I would like to everyone know about two short books recently published about the early days of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Wroxton College, which has operated in Wroxton Abbey since the 1960s. The first book is the story of the acquisition of Wroxton Abbey, written by FDU founding president Dr. Peter Sammartino: The second book […]

  • The Wroxton Abbey Blog

    Welcome to the Wroxton Abbey Blog. The first blogger to write about his time at the Abbey was the first Dean of Wroxton College, Walter Savage. He wrote about his time at the Abbey, spanning the 1960s through the 1980s. You can read his journal here. If you’ve ever been to Wroxton, please feel free […]