Wroxton College: 1960s and 1970s


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  1. Ronna Kane goodwin

    Spring 79….anyone ?!

  2. Cathy Parkhill

    Fall Class of 1978 – Fond memories of Liz, Janet, Don, Dick, Bill, Greg, ….. Seems like a life time ago.
    Cathy Parkhill

    1. Cathy Parkhill

      Dr. Kevin too!

      1. Got it! Thanks a lot again for hepinlg me out!

    2. Cathy

      Fall 1977 Class –
      Some of us are getting together in NYC on August 17, 2017 to celebrate our 40th year reunion. Contact Cathy –
      Cathy.scheumann@gmail for more details.

    3. Cathy Scheumann

      Fall Class of 1977 Reunion in NYC August 17, 2017
      40 Years!!!!
      Stout Grand Central Station
      Liz, Janet, Cathy, Kevin, Ellen, Ed ….. to be there!

  3. Meribeth Fyler Jones

    I’m a founding mother from the opening two summers, 65-66. I’m in contact with Carolyn Caprio Buss, now in CA and I’m in AZ. These were the most enlightening months. I learned so much and still remember so much of it. Contact me at meribethaz@aol.com.

    1. Joyce Webb Smeltzer

      It’s exciting to see your message and I hope this reaches you. I attended the summer of ’66 but don’t see a class photo. The very few names of classmates I recall are Michael Ruggiere from New York City; Linny Dey from Tenafly, New Jersey; Ivan Ives, son of Burl Ives from Los Angeles, California; and Maureen (?) from Brockton, Massachusetts. Do you have any information on any of these people? I would love to have any information at all.

      It was so long ago but I remember it as if it were yesterday. I’ll never forget afternoon outings to nearby churches to do brass rubbings, long walks on the grounds, playing the grand piano in the music room and searching through C.S. Lewis’ amazing books in the library. I also remember the history plays we saw at Stratford Theater, Marlowe’s “Edward II” in Liverpool and meeting Ian Holm, David Warner and Diana Rigg at the Dirty Duck. So long ago and yet the memories are still vivid.
      If any classmates see this, please contact: Joyce Webb jlws444@mail.com

  4. Linne Radmin

    I was at Wroxton in the fall of ’71 (yikes, right?). Would love to connect with my former classmates, none of whom seem find-able on FB. Hacker, Vecchio, Michelle, are you guys out there? You can find me at https://www.facebook.com/linne.radmin?ref=tn_tnmn or linne.radmin@gmail.com
    Would love to hear from you!


    I have two Wroxton class photos on my wall. My Spring, 1970 class photo is above my desk and the group photo – in color- from the Wroxton Getaway in July, 2010.

  6. David Price

    It was impressive to see all the class photos in the corridor at Wroxton when I attended the 2010 Wroxton Alumni Getaway. I just discovered this wonderful online collection. Awesome. Any chance the faces could be paired with names? I can identify the folks in the Spring 1969 photo.

  7. Judy Balogh

    I was there in the Spring of 1971. Anyone else out there remember that semester?

    1. Kathy Dovgala DiMario

      Hey Judy-I thought I would say Hi! Kathy Dovgala-what wonderful times we had at Wroxton. You can email me at poshabooks@gmail.com

    2. Ann Hodes Seskin

      I was also there in Spring of 1971. Somewhere in my archives (i.e. basement) I have a lot of Wroxton photos. Has anyone else contacted you?

      1. Ann Hodes Seskin

        Oh, my email address is anncat@bu.edu in case anyone wants to get in touch. Love to hear from Wroxton classmates.

  8. Laurel Campbell

    What a wonderful set of photos. I still have my class photo but haven’t seen it for some time – great to see some of the people I grew close with while I was there. Fall 1977!

  9. Shelley Rubin

    I recognize some people there especially Andrea…from 1971!! Ah youth…

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