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Wroxton College: 1980s

6 thoughts on “Wroxton College: 1980s

  1. Karen Kirkland

    Hello All,

    Wroxton. Wroxton. What happened in Wroxton….
    So much fun was had by all. Wonderful memories and performances. Remember the talent show from Spring 1986? How much fun was that! I loved every cold second of Wroxton near Banbury.

    Wishing you well, Dr. B.
    And everyone else, enjoy life.

  2. Thomas Lyles

    Absolutely the happiest moments from my four years of undergraduate studies were spent at Wroxton during the Fall 1989 semester. I continue to be so grateful to Dr. Baldwin and the Wroxton faculty and staff for their genuine kindness and care for their students.

  3. Nancy Bowles

    Where is the picture of the 1989-1990 Executive MBA class?
    I believe we took one.
    Great memories. Never forget “Blood Brothers” production in London. Quite different than NYC production. Thanks Dr Baldwin for suggesting this production.

  4. Lydia Terrill

    Fall 1986 at Wroxton is such an incredible and happy memory for me. I certainly didn’t study enough but I appreciated what I learned. Dr. Nicholas Baldwin was wonderful!! Loved the plays in Stratford, trip to York, Paris, loved the medieval banquet, times at the Buttery, studying in the library, afternoon tea, going for walks, Mucky Duck, the White Horse, fellow students, incredible scenery and house…Amazing. Wish I could do it over and over again. I am so fortunate.


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