Welcome to Wroxton Abbey

The original Wroxton Abbey was owned by Sir Thomas Pope who held various positions at the court of Henry VIII. Pope, who founded Trinity College at Oxford University, bestowed the estates to Trinity. However he reserved the rights for the Pope family and their heirs to remain at Wroxton. The original Abbey was razed by fire, and in 1618 Sir William Pope, Earl of Downe, completed the initial section of today’s Wroxton Abbey.

Wroxton Abbey is situated on 56 acres of woodlands and gardens. The Abbey has 44 bedrooms in the main house and 10 bedrooms on the second floor of the Carriage House. The public rooms include the Great Hall, the Reading Room, the Guilford Library, the Chapel, and the Regency Room. The Carriage House holds the dining room, the lecture hall and the Buttery Bar. Wroxton College of Fairleigh Dickinson University is the home of American university students studying abroad, and host to international conferences, local weddings, and hundreds of visitors each year.